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About Leanne Gray, M.ED

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 I've always wanted to work with children.

My mother tells me the day my youngest brother was born I was smitten and that after coming home from kindergarten, I sat my younger brothers down and led a day of "school". 

Since then, I've done it all--babysitting, daycare, camps, swim lessons, after-school programs, public and private school, Montessori, homeschool, and in-home care. It's my mission to help everyone who has a child in their life understand how to best support him or her. 

Education and Experiance

Leanne Gray


I received my BS in Early Childhood Education Pre-K to 3rd, and a Maryland State teaching license in 2012, and quickly decided that working in a traditional public school setting was not for me.  I found myself unable to meet the needs of the children in front of me because I had to follow the mandated lesson plan.  

 I visited a Montessori Primary program, and fell in love.  Here was a method that really helped children in the way that each one needed. 

I decided to go back to school for my Masters in Education and AMI Montessori certification in Columbia, MD, and taught four years in my own classroom before leaving to start The Prepared Environment in 2012. 

A life-long learner myself, I completed a RIE Foundations course in June of 2015, and I'm currently searching for my next area of training. 

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Montessori Homeschool Guide

Watching Monarchs grow

As I worked with many families designing prepared environments, coaching parenting skills, and building daily routines and activities, I received calls from Montessori homeschooling families looking for support. 

 I designed and lead a Montessori home school curriculum for two families myself: the first with a kindergartner and a the second with a young toddler

I've now worked with families across the United States looking to do Montessori homeschool, and not quite sure how to put all the pieces together (read more about how I can help you too)Montessori homeschooling may not be ideal, but it is often the best option for many families. 

I currently live with my husband and two dogs, Luna and Bailey, in a tiny 200 sqft home and travel around the USA.  Contact me if you'd like us to stop by!