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Mentorship Program

Hit the ground running with our Mentorship Program.  This 2 month intensive program offers a year long focus, short-term lesson plans, material lists, classroom training, and a supportive mentor to guide you.  



The Mentorship Program



The Mentorship Program offers a full jump start for your Montessori homeschool. 

Upon completion of this program, you'll be able to confidently plan lessons, purchase the materials you need (and not the ones you don't), understand how and when to offer help, and have a steady classroom routine that works for all of you.  

This program can be completed in 8-9 weeks, and is for families homeschooling children under age 6.

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This service is for you if:

You’re just starting Montessori homeschool for children under 6.

You’re committed to a Montessori style, but aren’t sure how to do it well.

You want a total reboot of your Montessori homeschool.

You want trained feedback and quick, informed answers when you get stuck

You feel overwhelmed and want expert guidance in determining your children’s skill levels and the materials you need.

You’re ready to practice, put in a daily effort, communicate with a professional, and get to work!

Mentorship Program for Montessori Homeschool

The Mentorship Program includes:

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A scope of presentations for the next 6 months, written to match your specific curriculum albums.


One month of Montessori lesson plans for all classroom areas, tailored to your children's current abilities.


A personalized daily and weekly homeschool schedule that works for your family.


A shopping list of Montessori materials for the next 6 months.


Six weekly coaching calls to keep you on track


Personal consultation on classroom management, offering help, correcting mistakes, how to engage and encourage work, inspiring creativity and a love of learning.

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Parents Say:

Leanne,I am so impressed by these lesson plans and schedules! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts! I still need to spend more time reading these but I just wanted to reach out and let you know my initial thoughts. I’m always impressed by all the care and attention you give to your work. This is going to be so helpful to me! Thank you!! 

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Let's get started

This premium service has limited availability, and fills up fast. 


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